You successfully acquired the Time Chip! But how can you escape the guarded laboratory? Use the chip's special time-wrapping ability to find a way out!

Mechanics: The game world's time wraps around EVERY 10 SECONDS: every presence goes in reverse, back to when it started - even death can be reversed! Unless you process the Time Chip, which allows you to be unaffected by reversion and move freely when every other thing is going back. But then you cannot avoid death, so be careful. You can also insert the chip into the crate and let it possess the same ability! 

- Move with keyboard (WASD/Arrows), throw the Time Chip with left mouse click

- If your character is not moving when you start playing, try resetting the game with [R]

This game is an entry of Ludum Dare 51: Every 10 seconds. Please rate it here!

Assets used:

Tick Tock (Shadows Part 2) - Hans Zimmer - Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows Score

Kenney • Topdown Shooter

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